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Registration for Talent Search Examination and issue of application for classes I to IX and VI to IX commences from January 2018. Contact Us for more details...

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" All our students are trained and brought up in such a way to make the journey of education a successful one "


Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Taking the cue from this Chinese proverb, Green Park Educational Institutions strive to build a community that encourages personal growth, academic excellence and global citizenship.

Our Institutions nurture the Indian traditions, blending our cultural heritage with modern teaching practices prompting the students to be confident, enthusiastic, vibrant and ambitious individuals to instill a spirit of service.

We provide our students with an environment replete with ideas and information, and opportunities to translate their thoughts into reality with fervour. Physical activities being vital for holistic education, we ensure that children grow up with an ebullient mix of play and academics.

In the Higher Classes (IX - XII), we propel our students to achieve the maximum in the exam in order to attain the maximum in life. We are keen to make our learners feel proud of our individual based attention.

Education is the very bedrock of a cultured society. It must endeavour to absorb all the important decencies and decorums of an organized and systematized way of life. Initiative, daring and enterprising outlook must be developed in every student.

While this being the dream of every parent, Green Park Educational Institutions come forward and offer better learning facilities in the best manner. Quality Education, no doubt, is certainly possible now through the unflinching devotion of our Directors and Teachers to raise new standards for excellence..