Shri.P.Mohan, M.Sc.,M.Ed.,

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• A pleasing, enthusiastic and stirring personality, Shri.P.Mohan, is a versatile genius. His passion for teaching Mathematics for more than 2 decades is an art that brings him great delight.
• His kindling spirit ignites the young minds towards problem solving with ease and exceptional interest. He is renowned for creating innumerable 'Centum Scorers' in class XII. His commitment to perfection has envisaged the upright march of Green Park towards brilliance.
• Being a firm believer of 'Team Work', his timeless contribution towards distinction in Green Park is beyond comparison.
• New challenges and fresh targets keep him energetic; making him what he is today, the smart intellectual with enormous potential, prominent through his multiple accomplishments.
• With his inimitably nonchalant way, he looks after the administration of Girls Hostel- II with the perfect blend of care and strictness.

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Green Park Group of Institutions focuses on the need for inter-dependence and social skills to allow faculty and students to live together in harmony, acknowledging the needs of others in a more or less protected setting.



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